ICOT™ is the most recent invention of Peter Lombardi. ICOT™ or the Intentional Community of Today, is a  cohesive development which merges common initiatives including wellness, clean energy, sustainability, vibrant community, environmental learning, organic farming, clean water and local economies.

Our first community is being developed in the Hudson Valley north of New York City.  This fully comprehensive approach to sustainable development combines universal principals of design, proportion, scale and harmony. We are also merging the best qualities of both ancient and modern technologies to make all commercial and residential buildings produce more energy than they consume.

ICOT™ encourages a contemporary approach to wellness where residents thrive and enjoy the highest quality of life.

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However, the strategic advantage of being close to the Big Apple is not the only reason that prompted Lombardi to select this area: "In Upstate New York, there is a very strong movement for 100% organic farms. This is the main reason that prompted us to choose this area as the site of the eco- village: here we will use ancient farming techniques alongside modern methods."

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